We believe the work we do has the power to transform our community. But we can't do it without YOUR support. 

Small donations make it possible to do incredible things. We are looking for 100 community members who are willing to partner with us for just $10 a month. For the price of a couple of coffees, you can ensure we continue our work to demonstrate kindness, meet needs, and improve our home! 

Your pledge can be given as a minimum one time payment of$120.00, or a monthly pledge of $10.00.  You can set up automatic monthly giving online through the link on the red heart, or send a check or cash to LOVE Waterford: PO Box 804 Waterford, CA 95386.

We Love listing all our Love Waterford Partners on our website, and giving them a shout out on Facebook. All partners receive a FREE Love Waterford shirt. We hope to see your name there soon! 


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