An ongoing opportunity to serve families in need in our community. 

Love Waterford's partner organization, Love Our Kids, is dedicated to making sure children throughout Stanislaus County feel loved. Their main focus is on supporting children in foster care, as well as educating the public on how they can best support these youth and their resource parents. 

One of the ways Love Our Kids fulfills their mission is by coming alongside struggling families and working to keep families unified before putting the children into foster care becomes necessary. These families are referred to Love Our Kids by family services. Whether the circumstances have to do with extreme poverty, escaping domestic violence, overcoming addiction or homelessness, or anything else, Love Our Kids is there to offer a helping hand when it's most needed. 

When families are from Waterford, or moving into the area, Love Our Kids refers the cases to Love Waterford, as we have the connections to build a community around these families.

The primary need these families have that we meet is furnishings for their homes as they work on rebuilding their lives. 


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