Comfort Kit Drive

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Sat, Dec 4, 2021 @ 2:00 PM

Beard Park/Community Center
540 C St Bonnie Brae Ave Waterford , CA 95368


We believe in making sure every child feels seen, valued, and loved. 

One way we do this is by ensuring every child is given a comfort kit as they enter the foster care system.  These kits are filled with things that meet both the physical and emotional needs of a child on what is probably one of the most frightening days of their life.  A snack to help ease the pang of hunger. A small toy or coloring book to give them something to do in the hours they wait to determine where they will be going.  A blanket or stuffed animal to cuddle on that first scary night in a new home.  An encouraging note that says "We see you.  You are important. You matter to us."  Each comfort kit is unique and special just like the kids we serve.


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