NOV 30th, 2021 4-6PM, Waterford Community Center


There are over 800 kids in foster care in Stanislaus County.

Every number has a name.

Every name has a story.

Love Waterfords partner organization, Love Our Kids is dedicated to making sure children throughout Stanislaus County feel loved. Their main focus is on supporting children in foster care, as well as educating the public on how they can best support these youth and their resource parents. 

One of the ways Love Our Kids fulfills their mission is through their annual county wide comfort kit drive. Comfort kits are bags that are given to children on the night they are pulled from their homes, and they are meant to provide for needs and bring comfort during an incredibly traumatic time. Often, kids who get pulled leave with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. 

Love Waterford is partnering with Love Our Kids to do our part in helping meet needs for foster kids, during our satellite event of the greater county-wide comfort kit drive. 

Love Waterford has committed to providing 40 comfort kits for elementary aged kids; 20 for boys, and 20 for girls. The kits contain the items listed here, and anything else you believe would benefit the kids. You can contribute to this effort by donating money or purchasing items from our Amazon list, above. If you want to go beyond that, and partner with us by providing for a category (such as 5 boys blankets, 20 sets of school supplies for boys, or 20 girls backpacks, or 40 hygiene sets, etc) just reach out and message us so we can plan accordingly. 

Love Waterford will provide tags to label the bags, materials to write encouraging notes to include during the packing event, and stuffed animals. 



Stuffed Animal
Small Reusable Water Bottle
Flashlight/ Nightlight
Coloring Book
Toothbrush & Paste
Note of Encouragement
Extras (small balls, toys, games, gum, etc)
Extras, Girls (scarf, nail polish)

Volunteer for the Waterford Comfort Kit Drive
Taking place at the Community Center, Beard Park
Tuesday November 30th, 4-6PM

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Love Our Cities